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WebsiteBuilder: How to Add Images

Images give life and add value to your website, engaging your visitors to spend more time with your content. Follow the steps below and learn how to add images to your site.


Legacy WebsiteBuilder: How to Add Images?

  1. Login to your Control Panel.

  2. On the landing page, under Website Tools, click on WebsiteBuilder.
    WebsiteBuilder under Website Tools

  3. Click on Edit Site next to the domain name with WebsiteBuilder.
    Edit Site option

  4. On the left pane, click on Elements.
  5. Navigate through the listed options and select Images, then depending on your need, you can add a single Image or an Image Gallery.
    Image icon or Image Library
  6. Click on Upload Images or Add Image From Link
    Upload Image or Add Images From Link
  7. For Upload Image procedure: Browse through your files, select and open the image.  For Add Image from Link procedure: simply paste the link of the image in the field provided.
    Browse files
    Add from link
  8. Once the image is added, adjust it accordingly.
    Adjust image
  9. Once editing is done, click on Save. If you want to make all changes to be updated on your live website, click Publish. Both these options are placed on top of your editor. Note: if you only save changes, it would not appear on the website unless you click Publish.
    Save and Publish